Reusable Diapers
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A new concept of reusable diapers!

New Textiles and Gyzzo® developed a new concept of reusable diapers

The use of diapers Gyzzo® is not only a smart decision. In addition to a more elegant and economical choice, their use is at the same time, a more healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly.
Main Characteristics:
  • The new reusable GYZZO® diaper has a modern functional design. The technology promotes well-being and freshness in an elegant piece of underwear. We know parents want to make the right choice when buying diapers / nappies for their baby. As well as the health benefits GYZZO® gives, the product is designed to give maximum comfort and peace of mind.
  • GYZZO® diapers / nappies do not need waterproof layers, no safety pin, no soaking and lastly no ironing.
  • The GYZZO® diaper uses fully adjustable Velcro fasteners that ensure a comfortable and secure fit every time. The interior is ultra-soft and keeps baby dry at all times.
  • GYZZO® are available with a pocket where additional absorbent material can be placed if needed. The new non-drip system copes with solids as well as liquids and never leaks.
  • There’s nothing more to add, because GYZZO® diapers / nappies are fashionable and developed with class and elegance for your baby.
  • The use of GYZZO® diapers is not only an intelligent decision. Beyond that, GYZZO® are a more elegant and economical choice.
GYZZO®! A healthier, comfortable and environmentally friendly option...

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