Antiseptic Bed Clothes
Caracteristics: Mattress Protection Anto-mites and Antimicrobial
  • Mattress protection with antimicrobial AEGIS finishing, breathable and impermeable;
  • Breathable (allows air to pass between the mattress and bed linen);
  • Waterproof((prevents passage of fluid into the mattress);
  • Soft and comfortable;

  • Its anti-bacterial and anti-mites action makes these products suitable for everybody, but especially for those who have;
  • Problems with allergies;
  • Reactive and intolerant skin;
  • Breathing problems;
  • reduced or conditioned mobility.

Sheets Product:

Bed Linen with antimicrobial activity!

Bed Linen with the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in materials and next to skin.
Caracteristics: Bed Sheet
  • Permanent antimicrobial effect with durability up to 70 washes in hospital protocol;
  • Effectiveness tested with SA, E coli and Candida albicans;
  • Production without environmental risk - no migration of the active ingredient into the environment;
  • Does not induce microbial mutation;
  • Effective Gram-positive and Gram-negative - ACTION MECHANISM OF QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUND;
  • The quaternary ammonium compound has one anionic ion of 4 valences. The positively charged part (cation) of the quaternary ammonium compound molecule binds to the negative charge of the bacteria causing physical disruption and inactivation of its membrane and subsequent inhibition and death of the bacterium;
  • Maximum dermatological tolerance.
Trials “IN VITRO”
  • To check the efficiency of an antimicrobial finishing in bed sheet, it was made an antimicrobial test with two samples of same composition (Polyester (PES) + Cotton (Co)), but one was untreated and the other was treated with this antimicrobial finishing. The antimicrobial analysis was performed using the following testing: Microbiological Analysis Bacterial and Blue Test.
  • Intensive Care Units, Infectiology Services, Burn Units, etc.

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