Our Services

A New Textiles tem como prioridade do seu trabalho o serviço ao cliente, disponibilizando toda a especialização e conhecimento da indústria têxtil.

New Textiles aims to deliver quality products tailored to each customer, being present all the way from project development to the provision of fabrics, their production and packaging.

01. Product Development

One of New Textiles areas of excellence is the conception & development of technical and innovative products.

Through this service, New Textiles commits to the proposal of solutions in accordance to the models requested by the client, whilst at the same time, integrating new technologies with functional results and specialized suppliers.
We provide products of high performance, ensuring strict management over the entire production cycle and thus, quality control.

New Textiles is an accredited entity by Portugal 2020 for the provision of specialized services in R&D

02. Resale of technical fabrics

A service reserved for professional textile clients, where the conditions and prices are adjusted to volume purchases.

03. Production of textile articles

We produce all kinds of textile products that have already been developed by the client, guaranteeing competitive prices and the strict management of the entire production cycle and thus, quality control.

04. Packaging

We develop and customize packaging with the client's logo, optimizing order preparation and ensuring the packaging of our clients' products.