Skintoskin is a brand offering medicinal hosiery especially designed for those suffering from foot problems, such as diabetic foot and mycoses.

Its exclusive technology comprises fibers made up of cellulose, extracts of marine algae and silver salts.

Marine Algae

Marine algae (Ascophyllum nodosum) from frigid northern seas, when in contact with the skin, promote excellent tolerance and protection against bouts of pruritus (itching).


The chemical element silver allows for an antiseptic, regenerating and revitalizing effect on the skin.


A soft, natural fiber made from the eucalyptus tree. It affords comfort when in contact with the skin.

Our products have been subjected to strict laboratory testing and clinical studies.

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meias diabetes

Extremely comfortable

Softness and ergonomics

With no “tourniquet effect”

Acts immediately and in a prolonged manner

Efficacy testing at accredited laboratories

100% Natural Action

Clothing for everyday use