One of the areas of excellence at New Textiles involves the design and development of technical products comprising innovative features.

New Textiles is committed to providing high-performance products, ensuring continuous investments in Research and Development, via the following:

  1. Permanent access to a team of textile researchers from the Univ. of Minho
  2. Close collaboration with other research centers
  3. The assurance of a strong rate of innovation and continuous investments in R&D
  4. Forging partnerships with “sources of knowledge”
  5. Integration of new technologies with functional results in textiles
  6. Strict management of the entire production cycle and quality controls
  7. New Textiles is an organization accredited under Portugal 2020 for providing specialized R+D services.

Consult us if you wish to develop a product in the chemical and textile fields!


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Our DNA: we innovate today to respond to future needs