The Company

Established in 2008, New Textiles is a pioneer company in the area of technical and functional textiles, and in the development of materials who act biologically on the human skin.

The company’s main areas of excellence are research and product development. Our products integrate advanced chemically engineered textile solutions which have proven to be effective in both the prevention and combat against skin diseases and injuries, whilst still protecting the environment.

New Textiles aims to become a reference in technical and functional textiles worldwide, with high performance products which are adapted to the needs of each client.

What We Do

We are a Portuguese company that provides textile agent services. From product development to the production of collections, making the connection between the customer and our partners (factories and specialized technicians), following the production process from the beginning to the shipment of the pieces, ensuring a smooth process and quality products.

New Textiles established its reputation as a trustworthy company in regards to the development and manufacture of products which ensure customers comfort and the subsistence of the ecosystems of the planet. With a strong presence in the health sector, New Textiles has been expanding in order to reach more diversified segments, using innovative qualities and differentiated finishes.

01. SkinToSkin

Creator and patent holder of the brand, Skintoskin®, we deliver clothing with innovative fibers of natural origin (eucalyptus pulp and zinc). Zinc contributes to cell regeneration, skin renewal, and provides protection against UV rays. All of Skintoskin®’s products are subject to a variety of tests, both laboratory and clinical, so that their quality and effectiveness is assured.

All of Skintoskin®’s products are subject to a variety of tests, both laboratory and clinical, so that their quality and effectiveness is assured.

02. Tailored Service

In addition, New Textiles provides textile agent services, for example, the resale of fabric rolls to brands, whose production value does not allow them to buy directly from suppliers. New Textiles can also be an intermediary, linking the customer to specialized factories and following the production process from its beginning, all the way to the shipment of the goods.

03. Partners

New Textiles hold a solid network of partners which share our same values.
Together, we take pride in delivering to our customers, high-quality, custom-made solutions which have been scientifically tested.
We work with the best knitters, dyers, printers, and other professionals within this industry.
Our partners are certified and trusted, and we ensure that their workplaces are safe and respectable.
Together, we create innovative and highly effective products, whose benefits are obtained by a growing number of users.

Item No. 01

Business Internationalization Support

In partnership with the Universidade do Minho, New Textiles obtained a second-place prize in the category of Support to Business Internationalization, in the national phase of the European Enterprise Awards, promoted by IAPMEI.

Item No. 02

Textile Innovation

The SKINTOSKIN® project was distinguished in the Textile Innovation category by the Textile Entrepreneurs Association of the community of Valencia, Spain in the International Textile Design and Innovative Products Awards.

Item No. 03


The Combat Shirt project received an honorable mention at the International Security and Safety Exhibition (SEGUREX 15).

Item No. 04

Textile Innovation

Honorable mention awarded by the Luso-French Chamber of Commerce in the Textile Innovation area.

EU Trusted Project